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Ponytails for Fine Hair

Posted by Emmerey Rose on

Ponytails for Fine Hair

Pencil-Thin Ponytails

When it comes to styling your hair for special occasions like a date night or business events, or even on those days when you just want to wear a ponytail, having fine hair can be quite frustrating. I’m a fine haired girl, and I've tried to recreate a Pinterest hair tutorial a time or two. Trust me, my end result looked nothing like the picture!

If you’ve tried all the tricks and hacks (maybe even extensions) to make your fine hair look thicker, with limited results, you're not alone. If you're frustrated with your pencil-thin ponytail, you're not alone!

Fuller Ponytails with Pony-O

We've deliberately taken our time perfecting the Pony-O design so it will hold every hair type. The most dramatic difference between the Pony-O and elastics is seen when you compare the ponytail side by side on someone with fine hair.  Because the Pony-O is wider than elastic bands, telephone cords, or stretchy elastics, and it evenly distributes the hair throughout the piece, your hair instantly looks fuller and thicker.

Zero Damage Even on Fine Hair

While a thicker, fuller looking ponytail is an awesome thing for fine haired women and children, comfort is a plus, too! Pony-O delivers unparalleled comfort you will never experience with your conventional hair ties. Our unique design and application is hair-friendly. Since you only feed your hair through the Pony-O one time and shape it, not back and forth like you do with elastics, your ponytail isn't constricted. This constriction is what causes your hair to break when you tie it tight with elastics. The last thing a fine haired gal wants is damaged and broken hair.

And what’s even better? Pony-O is crease-free, which is such a plus in fine hair! In addition to the hair-friendly application, the silicone coating is inlaid with tiny bubbles that act like pillows for your hair. It's hold is gentle; your hair is never constricted in the Pony-O.

Perfect For On-The-Go

For girls with fine hair that are always on-the-go, Pony-O is the perfect hair accessory for you. Whether you’re running late for school or work, or you’re about to hit the gym, Pony-O will give you a perfectly secure ponytail, in less than a minute! Our coating is sweat proof and waterproof too, perfect if you're active!

Comfortable Ponytails All Day

Need a ponytail that stays in all day, or maybe all night? Pony-O's secure hold feels like nothing in your fine hair. Since there's no constricting your ponytail, there's no pulling, tugging, or tension on your follicle. It's super secure, yet super comfortable. Definitely unique!

How To Create The Perfect Ponytails For Fine Hair

Pony-O is very easy and quick to use, even in fine hair.

1. Using only your thumb and forefinger, slip your hair through Pony-O.

How To Make Ponytails Step 1

2. Let go of your ponytail, and hold the Pony-O with both hands. Flatten the Pony-O to instantly fan out your hair, making it look fuller!

How To Make Ponytails Step2

3. Using your thumbs, bend each end down separately. DO NOT bend it ONCE IN THE MIDDLE.  
How To Make Ponytails Step3


No fuss and no hassle! Once you try the Pony-O in your fine hair, we are confident you will never go back to elastics. No other hair accessory on the market offers as many benefits for fine hair as Pony-O. Get yours here. Questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you!

TIP: As a fine-haired, first-time user of Pony-O, you might be tempted to squash the Pony-O to make it small to match your hair type. If you follow Step 3, only bending the ends, maybe once in the middle if you want it a little more secure, you will be amazed at the security of the hold.

TIP: For a more secure hold, bend the ends a little more. If you pull on your ponytail to tighten it, that will open and loosen the Pony-O.

Needing a little assistance? We offer free FaceTime sessions! Contact us at: support@ponyo.com or call 303-838-6976 to schedule yours!  

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