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Comfortable Ponytails vs Uncomfortable Headache-Inducing Ponytails

Geposted von CJ Yjares am

Comfortable Ponytails vs Uncomfortable Headache-Inducing Ponytails


Pony-O vs Elastics

The classic high ponytail is every girl’s go-to hairstyle, even on the red carpet. It’s no fuss and easy to make, which makes it the perfect quick hair fix if you’re on the go, on your way to a meeting, going for a workout or just chilling in the house. It’s the most convenient way to tie your hair back.

The super tight and sleek ponytail has become an extremely popular style! But because the tight elastic creates tension on your hair follicle, its just a matter of time before you feel the inevitable, throbbing ponytail headache! This discomfort, although is a common thing, is actually a real headache disorder known as extracranial headache syndrome. Read our previous blog here

    Pony-O: Save Your Ponytail 

    I met a lady at a trade show, who took a couple of Tylenol before tying her hair back, just to get a head start on her ponytail headache! How crazy is that? If you like to wear your hair up, why not opt for a hair accessory that doesn't hurt your hair OR your head? The Pony-O is the perfect solution for you. Here’s how it can be your ultimate life saver:

    1. Maximum comfort

    Pony-O gives you style, security and comfort in just one hair accessory. Pony-O actually holds your hair in place, as opposed to elastics that start sliding down as soon as you get that last wrap around! It feels nothing in your hair, which makes it perfect for girls with a tender head! It’s also looks better than your usual boring hair ties.

    2. Holds all day

    One of the most unique aspects of Pony-O is that you shape it to YOUR hair type, so the Pony-O holds whatever is inside. Pony-O doesn't stretch, IT BENDS! When you bend the ends down to secure the Pony-O, it won't budge. There’s no need to re-do your ponytail multiple times a day! 

    3. Works with all hair types

    One of the most genius things about Pony-O is that it will hold any hair type! It doesn’t matter if you have thick, fine, curly or straight hair. 

    If you have a pencil-thin ponytail, the Pony-O immediately makes your hair look thicker and fuller. You don't have to scrunch it up to make it hold.

    If you have thick hair, you can hold it up securely with just ONE Pony-O. If you have to use three of anything to hold your hair, something is seriously wrong with that accessory!

    4. No damage and crease free

    Elastics not only damage your hair, they also leave a hideous crease when you take them out, along with several of your hairs.  What makes Pony-O unique, and better than any other hair accessory on the market today, is it's revolutionary design. The little bumps inside act like little pillows for your hair that interlock when you flatten and shape the Pony-O. 

    When you feed your hair through the Pony-O, you shape it on each end. Since there's no feeding your hair back and forth through an elastic, there's no constricting your ponytail, and no breakage.

    5. Thicker and perkier ponytail

    Your ponytail will look its best with Pony-O. Gone are the days of saggy, sad, baggy ponytails. Because the Pony-O is wider than an elastic band, your ponytail, or any hairstyle you choose to create, will look fuller and be more secure. 

    6. Easy to Use

    The Pony-O is super easy to use:

    • Using only your thumb and forefinger, feed your hair through the Pony-O
    • Let go of your ponytail and hold the Pony-O with both hands
    • Flatten the Pony-O (your hair is automatically fanned out inside)
    • Using your thumbs, bend each end of the Pony-O down, separately. DO NOT bend the Pony-O ONCE IN THE MIDDLE. It will not hold. For a tighter hold, bend the ends a little more.

    Whether you want your ponytail sleek, tight, high, messy or cute, it shouldn't be painful!  Comfortable and stylish ponytails are now possible with Pony-O!

    Get yours now by clicking here.

    Questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you!

    TIP: If you pull on your ponytail to get a tighter hold, the way you do with an elastic, this will open the Pony-O. For a tighter hold, bend the ends a little more.

    Needing a little assistance? We offer free FaceTime sessions! Contact us at: support@ponyo.com or call 303-838-6976 to schedule yours!  

    #ponyohair #itsallaboutthebend

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