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Ponytails for Kids Using the Pony-O

Geposted von CJ Yjares am

Ponytails for Kids Using the Pony-O

Create ponytails that kids will love using the Pony-O!

Kid's hair can be fun to play around with or crazy to manage, there is really nothing in between. As a parent, I'm pretty sure you can relate to the struggle of having a really busy morning and your daughter keeps on whining about her hair before going to school. To calm down the chaos, you resort to putting her hair in a ponytail because it’s easier and more convenient! If you don’t know much about hairstyles, a basic ponytail is probably what you opt to do every single day. 

Ponytail too tight for your kid? It’s probably not right

The ponytail is definitely the easiest hairstyle for kids when you're trying to get out the door! But, sad to say, using elastic hair ties to make ponytails for kids actually damages their hair! Most of the time they don’t want you to put their hair up and hide when it's time to take their hair out of the ponytail. Think back to when you were a kid: you probably felt the same horror when your mom came at you with elastics...especially if there were hard plastic bobbles on the end! Ouch!

While baby is asleep, the hair ties creep

Sending your little one to school or daycare wearing an elastic isn't hair-healthy. We've already drawn that conclusion. But, did you know that tying your child’s hair into a ponytail using an elastic hair tie is most harmful and damaging when they are sleeping? Most kids have the tendency to toss and turn around more when they are in deep slumber, so there's more pressure and pulling on the hair follicle. And good luck trying to get that elastic our of their hair after a solid night's sleep!

Be wise, drop the hair ties

Still not convinced to drop those hair ties? Well, here is the deal breaker. If your child always has their hair up in a tight pony using damaging hair accessories, specifically elastics, there is a 99% chance of fraying and breakage, especially when the ponytail is always worn in the same spot every day. This can also lead to a much worse problem: permanent hair loss. And no mom wants that! Who would have thought that a simple ponytail could be so complicated? Read more about the possibility of permanent damage from hair ties in our other blog: PONYTAILS WITH PONY-O: GET RID OF YOUR HAIR TIES!

How to properly make ponytails for your kids

With all that said, we do have the solution for every mom and child who struggle daily with elastics! There is actually a better and safer way to make ponytails for kids! Instead of using damaging hair ties that tend to get loose and break overtime and hair clips that break easily, invest in gentle, high quality hair accessories. Have the peace of mind knowing that your child is safe from all the hair horrors with Pony-O Hair Accessories!

Pony-O's patented and revolutionary products are comfortable and secure in every hair type, no matter the age! Our hair accessories are easy to use and they stay in all day without having to constantly readjust the hold! The genius to our design is the way you put the Pony-O in, and take it out! Since you don't feed it back and forth like an elastic band, the Pony-O is damage and crease free because there’s no constriction on the ponytail!

Pony-O is perfect for easy, hassle-free ponytails for kids who have fine, thick or curly hair! Pony-O is kid friendly, and they can easily do basic ponytails or any of our other fun and creative hairstyles for school on their own (Yes, by themselves! Talk about stress-free mornings!)

The hairstyles that you can create with our amazing hair accessory is limitless, you can go crazy and creative with it. Pony-O is really the only hair accessory that you need!

Making a Ponytail with Pony-O is Easy!

  • Using only your thumb and pointer finger, feed your hair through the Pony-O.
  • Let go of your ponytail, and hold the Pony-O close to your head with both hands.
  • Bend each end down separately, using your thumbs. DO NOT bend the Pony-O once in the middle. It will not hold.

TIP: For a tighter hold, bend the ends down a little more. If you pull on your ponytail to make it tighter like you do with an elastic band, the Pony-O will loosen.

Learn how to make half ponytail using Pony-O by clicking here!

    Learn how to make a top ponytail using Pony-O by clicking here!

      Learn how to make a butterfly ponytail using Pony-O by clicking here!

      More of a Bun Girl?

      If your little one isn't feeling the whole ponytail thing, don’t worry! Our sister hair accessory, Bun Barz, is just as comfortable, secure and non-damaging! And it creates a LOT of cute, easy buns without using elastics or bobby pins! 

      Without a doubt, Pony-O is the perfect hair accessory to achieve the ideal ponytails for kids. Or use it in place of elastics in all of the styles you already create! It is revolutionary and different from any other hair accessory that you see in stores today. With Pony-O’s patented design, you will never have to worry about damaging your child’s hair again! Say your goodbyes to damaging hair ties and say hello to Pony-O! Why not order a Pony-O set today: one for your little one, and one for you!

      Questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you!

      Needing a little assistance? We offer free FaceTime sessions! Contact us at: support@ponyo.com or call 303-838-6976 to schedule yours!  

      #ponyohair #itsallaboutthebend

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