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What people are saying about us...

  • “I was feeling rather ugly all day and after stopping at the Pony-O booth, I tried the band and feel so beautiful.” -----Sandra, Anchorage, Alaska
  • “This product works great with thick and curly hair. There is no pulling at all. I love it!” -----Justine, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
  • “I am a return user. I had these several years ago and I could actually do the styles. Plus, no headaches. -----Cherre, Atlantic Beach, Florida
  • “These are great!!! Easy, does not tangle hair. Looks great every time. -----JoAn B
  • “I love the Pony-O. It keeps my hair up without pulling out my hair.” ---Maria
  • “I’ve used the Pony-O for years. I have very thick hair, and a lot of it. The Pony-O products work for everything from casual to fancy. They hold all day and are extremely comfortable to wear and even easier to use. I’ve used both the original version and the new and improved, and they are all fantastic. They also have a great website with videos that walk you step-by-step through all the fun styles. The Pony-O ladies are the best and always a go to for my hairstyling needs. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with next!” -----Jennifer S.
  • “I have been using Pony-O for several years and absolutely love it. So easy to use, with no breakage like traditional elastics. I am always recommending it to my friends.” -----Tammy P
  • “I have been a follower for 4 years. Love my Pony-O - no more headaches, and does not tear my hair. Safe to use while driving (on the back of my head)! -----Lynn, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
  • “Just got it yesterday and did a great style, all myself. Not coordinated enough todo nice styles on my own. This made it easy and beautiful.” -----Leanne M.
  • “I got it last year, and I love it. I have very thick hair and it’s easy to throw it up in a bun. It takes no time at all and doesn’t leave creases. It doesn’t pull your hair. It’s just simple. Love using these.” -----Danielle H.
  • "I can’t believe it! I used to spend 15-20 mins getting my hair looking good, now it’s less than a minute! It really works!" -----Diane F.
  • "Words cannot express how much I love my Pony O. It is the only hair accessory use daily." -----Paula G., North Carolina
  • "I can run and take my hair down with no dents or marks." -----Michelle B, North Carolina
  • "Pony O is truly an answered prayer for a woman who can’t fix her own hair! I use it almost daily outside of work, but I am also active duty Navy and use it EVERY SINGLE DAY for an absolutely perfect bun, and I can actually do it myself! Thank you Pony O for saving my hair from a life of hair ties and cheap drug store bun fixer uppers!" -----Brittany P., 14 year Navy Vet, North Carolina
  • "So how long can you keep trendy with a hair tool? I’ve used Pony O products for 25 or more and between a quick up do and red lipstick, it can take you anywhere—anytime—easy, fast, glamorous or fun! You won’t regret it!" -----Kathryn A., North Carolina


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