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Ponytails For Long Hair: Fine or Thick

Posted by CJ Yjares on

Ponytails For Long Hair: Fine or Thick

Achieve The Perfect Ponytails for Long Hair, Through Thick & Thin!

The ponytail is one hairstyle that is always trendy and withstands the test of time, no matter what style is en vogue. What's not to love about a ponytail? It can be stylish and simple at the same time. You can change the look just by wearing it at different heights: high, for a red carpet style; the classic low ponytail; even in a side ponytail. It's one of the easiest styles to create and personalize, by adding touches that suit your personality: some bling, a ribbon, a braid, etc. The possibilities are endless! 

Whether you have fine or thick hair, you can always rock this all-time favorite with your long hair. How? Read on!

Fine Vs Thick

The saying “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” is never truer than when we talk about hair types. I've always been envious of someone with a head full of thick, curly hair. It's what I dream of, as I stare in the mirror at my fine hair. On the other hand, my friend who has that exact hair type, is envious of me, because I can blow my hair dry in a little over a minute.

There are pros and cons with every hair type. But one thing is for sure: the ponytail looks awesome in long hair, fine or thick! The Pony-O is the perfect tool for THE perfect ponytail! So much perfection!!! You'll love the way your hair looks and feels in our revolutionary hair accessory!

Fuller Ponytails

Pony-O's patented, innovative design can make your ponytail look fuller without the help of elastics, bobby pins, or hairspray. The key to Pony-O's superb volumizing effect is twofold: (1) When you feed your hair through the Pony-O and flatten it, your hair is evenly distributed throughout the piece, and looks fuller. (2) The Pony-O is wider than an elastic, so your hair fills it up, side-to-side. Your hair isn't constricted to the size of the elastic. 

Secure Ponytail

When you add a silicone coating to the malleable metal inside, that equals a hold that you'll never get with three hair ties! What's different about the Pony-O is this: the Pony-O bends, it doesn't stretch. Hold the Pony-O close to your head and shape it. You can instantly feel the Pony-O tighten as you bend the ends. Different? Yes! Awesome hold? Yes!!

Your Hair Deserves Pain-free Ponytails

Pony-O will never damage your hair. Hair breakage happens when you feed your hair back and forth through an elastic. If you watch closely as another person uses an elastic, you can see it tightening and pulling the hair as soon as they start that second wrap. It's crazy! If you like your ponytail super tight, not only do you get extreme hair damage and a headache, you risk permanent follicle damage! Read more about permanent damage from elastics here. Pony-O is so comfortable, it feels like nothing in your hair. Feed your hair through once and shape it. No tension, no tugging.

Easy to Use in Long Hair, Fine or Thick 

If you've been in search of an awesome hold without causing damage to your long hair, our Pony-O is perfect for you! Pony-O's revolutionary design is easy to use, and truly gives you endless hairstyling possibilities.

  1. Feed your hair through the Pony-O, using only your thumb and forefinger (like an "L").
  2. Let go of your ponytail. Hold and flatten the Pony-O with both hands.
  3. Using your thumbs, bend each end down separately. DO NOT  bend the Pony-O ONCE IN THE MIDDLE. That shape will not hold your long hair. 

TIP: For a more secure hold, bend the ends a little more. If you pull on your ponytail to tighten it, that will open and loosen the Pony-O.

We've intentionally taken years to perfect our Pony-O so it's comfortable and secure in any hair type. We are confident you will love the way Pony-O feels in your long hair, whether it's fine or thick. Why not click here to order yours today? Questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you!

Needing a little assistance? We offer free FaceTime sessions! Contact us at: support@ponyo.com or call 303-838-6976 to schedule yours!  

#ponyohair #itsallaboutthebend

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