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The Pony O™ Story

Hi! I'm Nicol, inventor of the Pony O™ and Bun Barz.™

My first invention, the HairLock™, was something I invented for myself in 1987, because I couldn’t stand to wear elastics in my curly hair, and there wasn’t anything else available on the market. I created my latest innovation, the Pony-O, with my partner, Beth Reed. The Pony-O will revolutionize the hair accessory industry.

My unique accessories hold every hair type and thickness, without tension on the follicle! When you feed your hair through the Pony-O and shape it, there’s no constriction on your ponytail (which means no annoying crease)! Open the Pony-O back into its circle shape, and it slides out without damaging your hair! It's one of the most comfortable hair accessories you will ever wear!

I have been inventing and patenting hair accessories for more than 30 years. My products are tried and true. I have used my accessories on more than 400,000 women and children’s hair, and they all say the same thing: “It feels like nothing in my hair.” Even if you only wear your hair in a ponytail, I promise it will be THE most comfortable and secure ponytail you’ll ever feel. Give the Pony-O a try today! And if you like buns, Bun Barz is a must have!