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Bling Ringz (Pony-O Sold Separately)

Gold Diamond
Silver Diamond
Silver Square
Gold Square
Silver Circle
Gold Circle
Rose Gold Square
Rose Gold Diamond
Gun Metal Color Square
Rose Gold Coin
Gold Coin
Silver Coin
Gun Metal Coin
Gun Metal Circle
Rose Gold Circle

Bling Ringz Exclusively ours! Designed specifically to fit around the Pony-O. The bling Ringz attach easily to take your ponytail to the next level!!  Lots of styles and colors to choose from!

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The Bling Ring is an add-on, and sold separately; the Pony-O is not included. The Diamond Bling is smaller in diameter than the Circle and Square Bling. PonyO As Seen On

Bling Ringz:

  • Magnetic and easy to apply
  • Adds elegance and glam to your ponytail
  • Makes a statement
  • Adds BLING to ANY outfit!

How Bling Ringz Work…

  • Separate the magnets with your fingernail
  • Take your Bling Ring by the magnets
  • Simply wrap the Bling Ring around your PONY-O
  • Press the two magnets together
  • Enjoy your new, GAME CHANGING ponytail!

Why we LOVE...

You can become a trendsetter with these interchangeable beauty accessories!! Match any outfit and make a statement in seconds. 

Ships in 2-3 business days.

PonyO As Seen On
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